sunnuntai 17. toukokuuta 2020

Kludge of a kludge

Ok, Netflix back up and IPv6 still operational for other things. But what a kludge of a kludge, Bind + rules that edit AAAA records out for one specific domain.

Shady cloud from Korso

Industrial Korso: The place to get your fix.......ed IP address. Changed my routing to go via Hetzner's new data center because $ISP no longer offers v6. Cloud instance 3€ per month, addresses and prefixes 1€.

1000 mbit/s

This is the n:th step of the fiber project: bugs in the netflix & IPv6 tunnel hack... the app works but browser version doesn't, apparently due missing domains... the fix will have to wait until I get home from this trip though.
In other news, I ordered the 1000mbit/s connection over the fiber now, at 59€/month. But had to leave home before I was able to see the fiber lit.

Ludicrous speed. Delivered.

It is a small step in the fiber installation project, but a giant step in household Internet speed. Switched the router from VDSL to fiber and reconfigured v6 tunnels to new addresses. It's been a long process, started 18 months ago. And still some loose ends to fix, but running ok-ish now. I had seven days left before they would have disconnected the VDSL.

The year of pentamerous 404s

Happy 5x404!

(Published on 31.12.2020)

Fixing roof leaks with a ... webcam?

I've been having roof leaks, with an unidentified cause. Now, the leak is perhaps in control. Fingers crossed at least. Likely reason identified, protection installed (temporary; permanent later), drying process in progress, measurements next week. And obviously, webcam installed to monitor the situation.

IoT rebooting...

"I rebooted the upstairs access points and then the downstairs weight scale started working again" #iot