tiistai 8. elokuuta 2017

Silicon Pilgrimage

In California Janne and I made a pilgrimage to the holy sites in Silicon Valley: offices of AMD, Intel, Google, and Apple, and two museums.

The Apple building that we saw was the new space donut one. Quite a remarkable building! It was difficult to find at first because we kept getting their old address from maps, but once I saw this picture on my display, I knew I had found the right site :-)

But the really interesting visits were to the Computer History Museum and Intel Museum. Both had interesting displays. Plenty of hardware, but also things like bean bag chairs:

So, old hardware *and* old fashion:

And old memories for me at least:

Intel inside?

Finally, there was also some amount of networking history in the Computer History Museum, e.g., Vint Cerf on video talking about the Internet, and some references to the IETF:

Photos (c) 2017 by Jari Arkko

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  1. Intel 4004 oli eka prosessori, johon tutustuin.
    Sitten tuli 8008, mutta 8085 oli se suuri menestys (Nokia MikroMikko 1). Sen jälkeen tuli 80186 (Nokian MikroMikko 2 käytti tätä). IBM PC käytti parannettua versiota 80286 CPU:ta. (Kuten myös MikroMikko 3). 80386 CPU:ta käytti MikroMikko 3 TT. 80486 käytti MikroMikko 4.